Life is a Witch! Speaking not allowed

Isn’t communication the most important thing between human beings?

I cannot agree with people who deprive you from words, I cannot agree with silence, I cannot agree with indifference. Words are freedom, words are your way of expression, words are you laughs and your tears, words are everything to a human being. Slavery was exactly the state where people didn’t listen to other’s words, to other’s freedom. I would definitely picture slavery and the act of submission as being one. No difference in between, both end up as taking advantage of life meanwhile neglecting freedom.

As my friend says “You’re too pure”, maybe I was too naive as well. Staring at what seems colorful and enjoyable from here, now I can see with my own eyes what it has been build upon, I can feel people’s true feeling and I can hear their thoughts. It makes me feel sad to see so much hate, so much anger and such few love. Yes I’m mad sometimes, but I cannot hate, I cannot even say something bad, otherwise I would hate myself, I can only forbid myself to say the obvious and love them and feel sorry that they don’t see the World as I see it. There’s no hiding and smiling anymore, you cannot stay silent in a society of indifference, you cannot keep teaching kids what they have been told to do until now. When time comes to change, you will see how delicate words could be to a child, a parent, a son, a friend. Maybe some will understand how fragile communication is, and why you cannot deprive others around you to show them your inner self, with your own words.

What are words for you? For me it’s my best way to give and inspire Love.



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