Life is a witch! Critical Time Limit on my Crystal Skull

Do you always plan every decision you take ? 

It’s driving me nuts to see people wondering for hours “Should I go or not?’ .. just go and figure it out later. I usually plane everything in advance but it never works, it works best when I don’t plan anything. Most of the critical decisions were taken in a fragment of seconds based on my own feeling, the one pending on the tip of my nose pointing in the same direction of my ears and my tail.

Coming to Korea was hard, it took me one full year of preparations, deciding to get on the plane was a 5 minutes decision, a highly critical 5 minutes. And I wasn’t sure until the very last minute I got on board if that was the best decision or not. There are indeed millions of roads to take that would lead you to the same point. My goal was to come here, I could have been an English Teacher (not exactly what you like to do the most when your major is Biochemistry), I could have been employed by a Pharmaceutical Company (but then what do I do with just a B.S. ?? being a slave hasn’t been my dream to start off) and I could have been a student (which I did..). Figuring out which road to take and which car to ride was indeed part of the decision process, but not the hardest, eventually I tried to get a degree as a first destination, then a career mold as a second destination, then a family life and a personal satisfaction as a final destination. Once I got accepted to this random University I had to book my flight tickets, get Nina’s paper for the Quarantine Service, get her flight ticket and get in the plane.. Taking the decision to get in the plane was actually the hardest step, my mind was already there but my legs wouldn’t go.. Go figure. My friend who gave me a ride to the airport that morning wasn’t helping either.. an hour before we left home I told him I wasn’t sure if this was the right thing to do and he answered me ..

Of course this is not the right thing to do, I came from Korea to Canada that was hell, nobody wants to live there except you, now I gotta go to work in an hour so take your decision fast, you have 10 minutes. So are you going or not ? 

Well that wasn’t helping.. During those 5 critical minutes the easy shortest-road just appeared on my map, I just stopped asking myself if it was right or not, just got on the plane and landed 15 hours later in Seoul. I thought that 2 years is not that long and anyway I will ask myself again the same question when it comes to decide for my PhD.

I had various episodes of this kind, where decision were made in less than 5 minutes and the outcome wasn’t so bad after all!

Before going to Africa we saw this add on the newspaper, I asked my friend if he wanted to go with me of I had to go there alone, he told me that I would die going there alone so we should go together. Next morning I was landing in Africa with a E.coli virus, people speaking weird languages around me and the muslim ‘priest’, whatever you call it, asked me to “Please wear something, wear that scarf!!” meanwhile praying in Arabic. I wanted to learn from a new country .. mission accomplished.

Still in Africa, this $20 free fall promotion was also a very neat decision as simple as “It can’t be dangerous, let’s go!”. 10 minutes later I was in the air with my parachute, screaming and praying Aaaaaaaah What are these holes in the wing?!!! 

Adopting a Chinchillas was a straightforward one minute decision, at that time my old hamster passed so I needed a new pet to live with me.. We went to the pet store with my friend and I saw this huge ball of fur as big as my fist and jumping all around, that looked like a smart pet to me.  “What’s that?” I asked the girl “A Chinchillas” she said. “Chinchillas, funny name eh, give me one, the grey one who’s jumping all over the place” so I bought our Chinchillas for $200 without knowing that I was signing up a contract for a very very very very very long time together .. We then proceed to the cashier with my Chinchilla in my arms and the cashier was quite surprise to see someone buying Chinchillas, she told me “Oh I got one too at home” (Me) “No kidding how old is yours?” (The Girl) “Mine is 15 years old” (ME) “15?? That must be a very old one!” (The girl) “No! They live up to 20 years!!” (Me close to have a heart attack..) ” OMFG You said 20 ? It’s too late to exchange for a hamster right? .. Yeah I knew it..” .. And I went back home with my 2 months old Chinchillas~! Yes he still lives happily with my family and no I don’t have any picture sorry. Good night!!

Don’t think too hard, All roads lead to Rome anyway..


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