Dreams Interpretation

Page 127, Chapter 21, “How to grow up in one night” for dummies. 

We had this old book at home titled “Dreams Interpretation”, it was given to us  by my grandmother who also received it from her grandmother and so this book has been in my family for decades, we “owned” it at a point that I thought  one of us might have wrote it too .. No, none of us wrote this thing, nor ever read it, and still it was sitting here on the book shelves pilling up dust and clear interpretations of dreams. I’ve never thought I would read it either but interestingly I found myself digging up internet to understand the significance of that weird dream I had on Monday night. I had a bunch of weird dreams before, but never like that one. My dream started with a very long and stressful day at work. In the evening I was going to watch a play with my friend, we entered the amphitheater, I needed to pee of course, so I dropped by the washroom and Oh Surprise! I found two dead girls ! Weird isn’t it? I woke up sweating but not scared, just .. sweating profusely. Humans have weird dreams when their body is under stress, when the room is too cold or too hot, so you’re body would interpret this situation with a melo-drama fruit salad mix up with your memories. An average grad student doesn’t dream about dead girls every night so I thought that either we have a clear explanation this time or I’m getting retarded.  I double checked my IQ, I think we’re still fine on that side so it would be about time to go back to grandma’s book “Dream Interpretation”.

According to my findings, dreams like those have multiple possible explanations. I’ve reviewed everything in the internet underworld, The Islamic Dream Dictionary, The Christian Dream Dictionary, The catholic-non-christian Dream Dictionary, The online forum Yahoo Answers, The online board of Dream Interpretation and the online free interpretation of your dreams by a psycho-analyst whatever. After a deep analysis, interpretation, conclusion, those kind of dreams are a warning that you are leaving behind you the little girl you used to be to grow up one big time (mentally, not physically) and make your first step in the grown up world. Well well well….. well WELL! I was shocked reading that. I thought that I already grew up 12 years ago, I thought that handling BSc, MS and PhD plus having a part time job was the very end of it, I thought that I would be a student forever, I thought that I would have to survive on free samples of noodles or bread on my luckiest days.. I guess everything has an end, even your deepest thoughts.

My dear friend in Toronto told me a million times that I might be smart and working hard it doesn’t avoid me to be stupid at times. He was right, once again. God forgive me for all my stupidness I committed today and every other day. This dream actually made me realized that, indeed, we all have to be responsible, think carefully, act carefully, leave away the ones who don’t like you, get closer to your real sense, get away from the stress and the unnecessary, get closer to your goal and to yourself. If you do everything you think is right, if you don’t let your emotions be on the top of your head (and God forgive me for every time I lived my life at the edge of my emotions), if you meet your inner self and inner peace you will achieve what you woke up for every morning.  Why is that important ? All of us are working hard to have one thing, peace of mind. It doesn’t matter if you like money, if you want to have a big house when you retire, if you like to travel or whatever else, it matters to understand that all of us are striving to achieve our own goals.  Agree or disagree with it, do as you wish, but disregarding this matter is the same as disrespecting your peers and preventing them from moving forward. No one would like to have an idiot on its way of learning, so if you don’t want to be that idiot always see people as you see yourself. It is time for me to leave behind that little girl, until I leave behind another little girl part of myself. I have decided to wake up tomorrow morning as my new self, to leave behind 29 years of history, 30 years old will be my new hallmark on my forehead from now on. Good night.

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Page 130, Chapter 22 , “How to start from the beginning again” for dummies. 


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