Studying in Korea

 Have you ever thought about studying in Seoul ? If yes, just go back to sleep like it never happened. 

Still awake ? Alright let’s talk then. FYI what I’m about to say is only in Seoul, things are a lot BETTER outside of Seoul, thankfully. Back in Toronto, I had a dream, I wanted to study, to publish, become bilingual Korean/English, use great Korean Technology for my Research, get closer to the Hospital and farther from the lab, learn from my advisor, give the best of my help to his lab, establish a strong relationship between us and make sure he would always remember our collaboration as the best idea he had to bring me here. That was my dream.

It never happened that way, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this on internet. A few things are driving me upset and I thought that who ever wants to study in Korea should be aware of those things. I truly love Korea and will never regret coming here. Studying in Korea thou .. that’s a different topic. I’ve wrote a long time-line referencing everything that happened until today, I wanted to show the whole internet underworld that no matter what people think I’m not responsible for everything that goes wrong in this lab, racism hate and irresponsible behaviors are unfortunately the answer. I guess I’m too mad to show those 14 points that I wrote right now, I am so angry that no good can come out of my mouth  so I decide to hold it a bit and see how it will end up. Maybe in the course of an other emotional day I will write it again, don’t worry those lines are engraved in my memory and will never go away.

At which cost did I survive until today ? I invested a lot to come here and abandoned a lot too, to gain only people’s hate, people’s lies and people’s childish behavior. I  gave up my consulting job in Toronto, I gave up my right to be an American citizen, I lost my friends (5 so far, and especially my best friend), I lost money, I might not be able to get a good lab for my PhD, I didn’t learn Korean, I didn’t study Biochemistry as I wanted, I didn’t publish, my advisor has never been proud of me (since he doesn’t see what’s going on here), it will be hard for me to get a Job since I didn’t publish yet, I probably won’t be able to get married if I can’t get into a PhD Program in Seoul, I had 3 surgeries and lost 10 pounds, I lost faith and lost hope that Good Research can be done in this University.

On the other side, outside of Seoul I’ve discovered a whole new World called Jinju (진주 means pearl in Korean). Back in October 2011 a PhD from Germany hired me part-time as a professional Translator-Interpret English/Korean for his consulting firm. Thanks to that person I’ve learnt how to finish my project and move on to PhD. I’ve met great people in Jinju that are not obsessed with the English language. I’ve met friends, good friends. I’ve met people willing to teach me the Korean Culture and Language, people who actually worry for you when they don’t see you for two minutes, I’ve met truly good-hearted ones who wished me to “Meet someone good in Jinju”. I’ve met Korea the way I dreamed about it when I was in Toronto, I’ve met my roots and I’ve met inner peace.

마마 make my dreams come true and I will remember you ..


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