What do I miss ?

  1. I miss my room in Toronto, always warm, always sunny in the morning, no mold on the wall, nobody pucking in front of my door, so quiet and a perfect roomy.
  2. I miss Koreatown, hodo kwaja are a lot better in Toronto than here in Korea (Go figure why lol)
  3. I miss my friend who was always dropping by our house whenever I was cooking.. and his famous quote “What’s THAT on the counter? Did you cook that?  When do we eat that ?” .. I’ve never been 100% sure if he actually liked it or if he was really wondering what was THAT thing on the counter.
  4. I miss our hot boiling beer and greazy fries at St. Louis until early morning with my friends,  plus or minus some slight fights due to minor cultural differences with Yonge and Finch locals. By cultural difference, I mean these guys from Aurora who were pretending living at Yonge and Finch and don’t even know the difference between North and South Korea.
  5. I miss my Daddy asking me if I’ve been to North Korea yet. It’s been two weeks I didn’t hear that again, I’m wondering if he is Okay..
  6. I miss doing my friend’s Biology homework until 2pm on Christmas Eve meanwhile being in NYC with my parents. Then going for a drink at St.Louis with my other friend and complaining of the fact that I always end up doing his homework.
  7. I miss my job and earning money without thinking what should I study for tomorrow morning. High hourly rate, great life, stressless future .. except when you decide to go back to study for another 4 years. What a wonderful idea I got .. Awesome.
  8. I miss TIM HORTONS. I can’t believe we don’t have it in Korea yet ! What a shame.. Who wants to bring it here will be rich for sure.
  9. I miss my long hair I’m not sure why I cut it so short.. I must have reached the insanity level at some point
  10. I miss playing piano, I didn’t know it was so hard to find piano in Korea.. What ? Is it a sin to play piano here ??

NOW .. What I do NOT miss :

  1. I don’t miss the Chinese guy from TD at Yonge and Finch, trying to talk to me in Spanish while I’m sitting in the middle of Ontario in CA.NA.DA Sir !!
  2. I don’t miss the fat guy from the parking lot at Bay and Bloor  pissing off my friends meanwhile giving me some winks.
  3. I don’t miss my Grade 12 teaching job .. heck I hate marking mid-terms and finals.
  4. I don’t miss the overly-burned-Starbucks-Americano, since we have it here and it still tastes like they rot the beans for 37,000 years 24/7.
  5. I don’t miss my iPhone since I discovered Samsung Note in Korea haha
  6. I don’t miss the snow (okay fine I miss the snow .. but I don’t miss shoveling the snow off my friend’s car when it’s minus 20 something)
  7. I don’t miss Quebec – I had to say it haha
  8. I don’t miss this stupid stop in Buffalo before arriving in NYC..
  9. I don’t miss Organic Chemistry 3 and I’m glad I tossed away those 2 heavy and useless books.
  10. I don’t miss waiting for my friend in Kipling at 5pm when it’s already dark, snowy, cold and freaking scary to be alone there. Yeah I like the summer better, who doesn’t.

I miss but I don’t regret. I don’t miss but I know I will regret later. Learning is a tiring ever lasting task..


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