Life is a Witch


I agree it’s been a while I haven’t wrote something in here. Life has been a good witch and made some miracles to get me to .. K.O.R.E.A.~!!

Finally!! As I explained in October .. When I told my friend that there might be a tiny tiny possibility that I’d move to South Korea, I got into a fight with most of my friends. Most of them except 2 are hating me right now, and I’m really sorry guys.. I know how you feel, I know it’s hard, but being a friend and being supportive was not too much asking right ?

So only two of them said Congratulation and Good Luck. Everybody else (including my parents) expressed their feelings with big round eyes and question marks on the top of their head.

How did it all happen?

August 2010 –  I had a hint that it might happen, I didn’t really talk about it, I didn’t think I would be admitted anyway. I’ve been working on that univ admittance for about a year now, had to take 2 classes again, work full time, pay bills, maintain my GPA etc.. By the end of summer, things weren’t going well at all. Nina has been really sick, I wasn’t feeling too good, my job search wasn’t going well, financial stress, and I couldn’t see my friends as much I wanted to and didn’t see my parents for like 4 years .. so yeah, I had troubles.

November 2010 – My 1st interview with my Professor in Korea went well, from that moment I knew that I would go in Korea for sure. I was just waiting for the official anouncement. I tried to talk about it with my friends, but everybody seemed so busy and stressed out that I didn’t dare to add more stress.

December 2010 – I went in NYC to see my parents after 4 years. It was really great and I’m really thankful that finally we were able to have a Christmas together just the three of us. In no way I wanted to ruin that xmas, so I didn’t say anything about Korea. I told my best friend thou, but he didn’t like too much. While I was in NYC with my parents, he called me at night saying “I can’t live without you, just come back in Toronto, I need to hear your voice”. That got me confused big time. What should I do ? Is he in love with me of what ??

January 2011 – Broke up with my boyfriend, Packing, booking my trip and … I told my friends (all of them) that I would go in Korea in 3 weeks. And there you go .. big fight with everybody.

February 1st 2001 – Troubles with Nina, everything was planed except that .. 6 hours before my flight, Korean Air calls me to say that No sorry we can’t accept your ferret on the cargo section (OMG .. what am I gonna do!!!.. T.T) I swear the God, only TWO of my friends were supportive. One in Kingston, one in Toronto. I was really surprised, I thought they would beat me down like everybody else, but thankfully we were able to talk and have a great time (either on the phone or in person). I’m really really REALLY thankful to these two persons. Most of this moving part wouldn’t have happened if my roomy in Toronto weren’t here for me. She was the one who helped me the most with Nina and also helped to stay mentally sane. Moving can drive you insane at some point, so it’s good to have someone like her by your side. As I explained in October, since I live far away from my beloved parents, my friends are the most important people in my life. Most of the time I don’t need any help, I can do things by myself, but when I have to face issues receiving love and support is the most precious gift I’ve ever had. So thanks to these two person I was able to go in Korea without Tear.

So now what ? What’s the plan ?

uh .. study hard I guess ?! I have to study Korean for sure, things didn’t go smoothly since I’m here haha my life hasn’t change at all! I wake up in the morning, fight with my ex-boyfriend in Toronto, that’s a morning routine now lol, and then gotta rush coz I’m late for my class.

The good thing is people in my lab are great, my professor is great and I really like my research project (which is kinda odd.. whoever knows me will know why..). I’m stuffing my mouth every single day with Korean treats, feeding myself with 호떡 (gosh Im lovin it!!) and surviving on all sort of street food (meanwhile getting fat..haha). No language barrier since I can speak korean, it’s just great I can do whatever I want and grab many opportunities to learn more slang and be fluent soon hopefully (sticking to kids helps a lot for that lol).

btw1: this was my last post in here. I’ll re-open/edit my cyworld sometimes next week (or next next week depending on the lazyness status).

btw2: Sorry no picture in here anymore, everything will be moved to Cyworld! -.-;;

I gave up Cyworld and moved everything to WordPress .. as you already know.



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