Shakespeare in love (or not)

Was Sir W.Shakespeare in Love when he wrote Romeo&Juliet ? Was Sir I.Newton drinking tea or coffee when  he saw the damn apple dropping from the tree ?


Yup, you got it right, tonight is the night of unnecessary questions. I’m astonished how 10 different person can ask you the same question all over again. Why ? Because majority can only answer society rules and guidelines. Hypothetically, its a useful tool. You can easily distinguish who’s dumb enough to follow ‘how to be a good citizen for dummies’ than who’s smart enough to have a personal opinion. And the recipe is easy. A small visible, not common, change in your habit or body will attract tons of curious like bees on honey clover.

e.g., bleach your hair in a loud red color and dress up like a retro-80’s-lil-punk. People will certainly ask you with a big friendly smile “So where did you get the idea?”. If you read between lines, it means, oh gosh she’s so weird. And then you’ll have to justify your fancy story. Amazing.

If you start to learn Korean, three questions will pop up endlessly :

1 – What got you into Korean culture ? (like you need a visa with highly accurate spy-skill to “get into” Korean culture, otherwise they won’t let you get in)

2 – Why do you learn Korean ? Because of your Korean boyfriend ? (Oh i have a boyfriend  ??? Cool i hope he’s super rich and super hot ! Someone let me know his phone number coz i still don’t know who you’re talking about –.-;;)

3 – Can you say the difference between Chinese/Jap/Korean ??? (ah my lovely coz, they got you a training when you start korean 101, its a full chapter on how to make the difference between those 3 –give it a try … no seriously ???)

Then come up three exclamations  :

1 – You are so korean (open your eyes bigger)

2 – You got the yellow fever (so we finally discover that fever has a color, nice)

3 – Oh so you like spicy food (because if you dont learn korean you do not like spicy food …. of course)

Then … I start my defensive speach … So im very sorry and no offense intended here. But, big but (with one t).

First of all, Do we need to justify all our likes and dislikes ? Let me ask you why do you like chocolate better over vanilla ? Don’t dare you answer because it tastes better, i will pop up another set of Why Question. Second, pre-made questions and answers are a waist of time. Ask me what is my favorite food would be more decent and less retarded. Third, it can be really offending when it comes to private matters. Assuming that somebody has a boyfriend … it only reminds you that you’re old and single, right ?

We should give a proof of our interest while asking something. People tend to be too familiar with each other without thinking about the consequences. And that’s the main point here. Our curiosity is driving us to cross the line. Are we curious to see if we reached a personal accomplishment ? In other words, only to see if we can do better than “them” ?…God knows the answer, but one thing is for sure, save a little time might save a little trouble. It is seriously bothering to answer unnecessary questions all day.

Think more, speak less

– Period –

ps : As a rat’s ass is hairy, we should always write “damn” before “Apple” –no offense intended


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