Confusion says …


. . . 삼인행 필유아사

(no way … does he read my blog ?!?!)

Confusion is quite confused right now. Hard to predicate the future when the future itself looks like the past in colors. Proverb says, Teacher or student you have to be, so Teacher it is … sometimes we’re tired to learn from dust. Even a carousel can’t flip the wheel on the other side. Mentoring sounds like the only way to open the path and open this eyes. No matter how small it is, there’s always a solution, even to the tightest problem ^.^*.

Why does a thing so obvious to one, seem so complicated to others ? And how come ppl can’t learn ?

Indeed, Never has a man on his death bed, wished he had travel less. But has a lot of women on their day bed, wishing they have to travel more and go rule the world. If we, women, can’t solve a problem, at least we can bring a bunch of answers and draw couples of conclusions ! We cannot be guilty for everything, anything, anytime. Its a little bit like a love unspoken. Because you chose to let it grow in fantasy, it turns you in this obnoxious cow. We never said this love deserves to exist or not. By pure personal choice, or unconsciousness, losing yourself in sci fi and romance would make you guilty ?  If a love unspoken is that illegal, then what of a truth said ? Which one is more painful ? If i had to choose one … i would say … at least a love unspoken didnt hurt anybody but one. So statiscally… nothing was wrong, no culprit.

(and if you really read this … why dont you call ? … heck … )


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