Freak Circus Jealousy

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By going to a Freak Circus you would expect to see monsters. By going to see a friend, the last thing you would expect is … jealousy. Better than monsters, women are the main attraction of your worse nightmare.

And by women, i mean, Girlfriends. The terrible ghost of a relationship is Jealousy. What good is Jealousy over Love ? What’s the cost of Love vs. Friendship ? Are we ready to give up Friendship over Relationship ? … How insane and unfair is that ???

No matter how well society is dictating your behavior, education and future position, take decision is a personal process that should remain personal. Till the rules come out, can’t wait to see where jealousy can bring you. People are so avid of success and social recognition, makes you wondering what’s the goal in life. If you had one opportunity to do whatever you want in your relationship, wouldn’t it be to try on some new stuff ?
According that love is well established between two guinea pigs, (because its exactly what it is, totally experimental), if they were granted one wish in their relationship, wouldn’t it be to try something they can’t normally do ?? Its common sense that a wish invokes personal desire and fantasy. Well sometimes, relationship is the root for a personal development and growth within a couple. This means, having a normal friendship shouldn’t be the topic of a wish but the one of everyday. And jealousy has no right to take it away.

Even better, being lame won’t make Jealousy situation going on the right way. Maybe I can’t really tell who’s more right or less wrong for one another, no matter how hard the jealousy thing is. But one thing is for sure, whatever happens in a relationship shouldn’t be the reason of headache for your friends. There’s no rule for choosing Relationship over Friendship, but there’s one saying that pain is real. Trying to hurt people only because we are too lame to admit that we have troubles, is not a solution. Behavioring Consciously or unconsciously is not an argument either.

Is it so hard to train your brain to say “Thanks” or “Sorry” ? Avoiding the problem ain’t solve it. What a horrible horrible assignment, you got to take responsibility for what you signed up for. Nevertheless, if speaking is too complicated, it might be easier to start with a written message. May i suggest a text ? If girlfriend can’t understand that your friendship is not a danger for you private life, does she has to know everything anyway ? If love can’t overcome jealousy and can’t help you realize the cost of a pain, then I’m wondering what’s love in your dictionary.

Sounds unfair and unreal that people are ready to sacrifice friendship over relationship. Thus, It never appealed to me that a girlfriend could be jealous of a despicable life without a single boyfriend around. What’s even more unfair, is when you can tell exactly what’s going wrong and why, but can’t help it. Can’t talk, can’t text, can’t say Hi, wihtout being the cause of another war of Jealousy. Better let them going down alone.

Understand what’s Love and how much it costs you right now –

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