Take a cup of coffee by noon, two diet Coke by noon and half and you will experiment multi-tasking-ultra-fast-speed. Is it a shame or not to demonstrate multi-tasking when most of your coworkers are having hard time with one single-simple task ?? …

… Well it depends if you wanna prove them that they are indeed deeply retarded, or mentally slow. Thou its not my main question here. My main question would be, how-to multi-task and why ? Not that we all hate our student job right now, especially on this Back-to-School period, but … yeah, you might be on your bad side the whole week coz you just figured out that your job is a total crap and your University won’t bring you the degree you are looking for. Even thou you rushed your ass pretty hard for the last 3 years, you’re almost graduated from a high ranked degree, and no plan B on the top of your mind. For sure you wont keep this sales associate job at this F*%^&$#%&*-ing retarded american brand. No hate, keep it down, you’ll find a solution.

This is exactly where my "Multi-T.A.S.K.” appears. Everybody knows the little white girl, all orgazined with her schedule up-to-date, with 50 different type of highlighters, 4 different blue pen, top class laptop and high glittered cell phone with diamond and god knows what more. She’s doing her homework’s consciously in 3-4 hours, while YOU can do it in 5-10 minutes. Most people are not able to multi-task, or it is very limited. Its a given and the reflection of your personality, so why would you hide it ? And if you are not able to do so –> Take a sip of coffee, take a puff of ur cigs, take a deep a breathe, and take another sip of coffee and there you go, all hyper ^^

Multi-task, from a Marina’s point of view, letters stand for :

T as Table, aka … organize yourself

A as Accessories, aka … my white bunny 산들애, iPhone, earPhone and blue pen –> whatever is part of your study environment and makes you feel better.

S as Sip (cf next letter and put them together)

K as Koffee !!! Yeah i know its Coffee … but i like it with a K, more rebelious haha. Whats even better is KoffeeZ haha hi jacked Koffee ^^


As messy as it is already, it means, don’t be afraid to multi-task if it makes you happy and makes you feel more comfortable. Listen to spanish or japanese music while studying Korean, Organic Chemistry or Calculus III. Talk to your friend 5 minutes on msn while remembering new spanish/jap vocabulary. Dont be shame to say to ppl that you are multi-glot and so what ?? yeah they’ll be jealous … who cares ^^ Post a new ticket on your blog, spot new cute guys/girls in the library, smile 2-3 times, turn a page on your book, and keep doing that for 2-3 hours. You will study more than trying to do one simple-dumb-founded task (i.e. study…). Coz when its boring, you’ll think its useless and keep postponing the actual start of your study. Do it your way, don’t mind others ! and make sure that you will do your homework or whatever you came at the library for around 4.30pm. Make it done by 5pm. If you are smart, tomorrow you will do it first between 8.30-9am and multi-task all those pleasant fantasies and para-scolar activities right after your study’s done. Remember it was the 1st letter … T as Organize Yourself and put your schedule on a Table.

Oh Gosh its 4.40pm already ! gotta go ^^


Aqui se queda la clara, la entrana de transparencia

de tu querida presencia, Comandante Che Guevara

Hasta Siempre Comandante …


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